Three Ireland's EStars

Our client needed a robust and visually stunning web presence to entice players, sponsors and fans to a brand new esports tournament travelling across Ireland. With a tight deadline, our web design team had their work cut out to create the right online image for this exciting new competition.

Establishing a new player

To add legitimacy to a brand new event, we had to make sure the web design looked the part. EStars’ target market are all tech-savvy so the site had to look, feel and act like it was from one of the established players. We coupled a shiny videogame-style UI with a slick typography system to create a stand-out visual style which adds serious weight to the new brand.

Facilitating registrations

Player registrations were a big part of the brief, so we put some serious web design thinking into the signup journey. The resulting registration form not only packs a punch visually but also makes it incredibly simple to gather the huge amount of player data needed to select the players to take the tournament live.

Integrated CMS

A stylish dynamic news section gets all of the latest info in front of the people who need it most. A simple, but powerful, content management system makes it easy for team members to add up-to-date news and blog posts without any prior website editing experience.

Establishing a new player

Fans can keep up to date with results, league standings, videos and match reports with the easily updatable results section. Perfectly designed to work across all device sizes – including huge gaming monitors – this website was an instant hit with the target audience and team rosters were filled within 14 days of launch.