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Branding Design

Your brand identity is an essential part of your business. You need it to communicate who you are, to differentiate you from your competitors and to inspire engagement from your target customers. We design impactful, long-lasting brand identities that are grounded in exciting ideas.

It all starts with research – into you and your business, your plans and goals, your competitors and the market you compete with them in. We help you to define what is unique about you – and the best way to sell it – by establishing your core values and purpose, and getting that personality and voice in front of your customers.

Once we’ve established who you are and where you’re going, we’ll get to work sketching and brainstorming ideas of how to represent that visually. Our experienced graphic designers will create something truly memorable and unique with which to establish and differentiate your business in the minds of your customers. Our best ideas are then fleshed out and developed.

We create cohesive and distinctive identities that effectively impart the personality of your brand. As well as your logo, your brand identity will include colour palettes, typography and design systems, and in some cases extend to illustrations, iconography, web design and photography. Your finished brand identity is backed up with documented brand guidelines, to make sure you know how to use your new asset to its best potential.

It’s important to keep things fresh in your customers eyes, and all great brands evolve over time. That’s why the brands we design are built to be scalable and flexible. We work closely with our clients on an ongoing basis to keep their brand looking sharp, be it with printed materials like brochures and exhibition graphics or digital work like social media graphics and website design.

Whether you’re just starting out and need to build your identity from the ground up, or you’d like to breathe new life into your established brand, our design team have the perfect blend of experience, expertise and understanding to elevate your business through high quality branding and graphic design.

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