Our Web Hosting Service Explained

As with many web design agencies, part of our service is the hosting of our clients’ websites.

We seek out and partner with the best, most reliable hosting providers we can find and then use their services to host your website. We then manage all aspects of your hosting package so that you never need to worry about it again.

You’re probably wondering, why do so many of our clients host with us if we’re using a third party? Surely we are more expensive than going direct to our supplier? And if you know a little bit about hosting, perhaps you could set it up yourself and save some money?

We actually think our web hosting packages provide the best possible value for money from both a technical and customer-service point of view (the reality is it’s too cheap, but we offer the service exclusively to our clients as a thank-you for being awesome).

Shared hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

Shared hosting is like renting some space on a web server. This is one of the cheapest hosting options available, and is great for hobby or personal websites. However, cheap shared hosting will place your website on the same server as 100s of random websites that are all sharing the same resources. If one site crashes or has bugs then it will affect the speed of every site on the same server.

In contrast, dedicated hosting is when you rent out the entire web server to yourself. You don’t have to worry about sharing the space with random strangers or anyone else having an impact on the performance of your website. As a result, dedicated hosting is far more expensive to purchase.

Photograph of a packed economy flight
If shared hosting is flying economy and dedicated hosting is hiring a private jet – come and join us in first class!

Dedicated performance for a fraction of the cost

We have our very own dedicated server in our suppliers’ data centre, which we then use to exclusively host our clients’ websites.

So rather than being placed on a server alongside hundreds of random websites from all over the world, you’re only sharing bandwidth with a small number of websites (all of which have been built and managed by us). This vastly improves the speed of the server as it is responsible for much less work, in turn improving the performance of every website hosted on it.

In effect, our clients are receiving close-to-dedicated performance at a fraction of the cost.

Incredible customer service

We provide our clients with a fully hands-off hosting solution. Once your website is hosted with us, you will never need to worry about it again. We monitor errors and downtime, and react proactively to solve issues without needlessly distracting you. But if you ever do have a hosting issue, we are only a quick email or phone call away. You can speak to a real person who is directly accountable for your website hosting – no live chat or call centres to deal with.

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